Monday, August 4, 2008

Mums birthday

Ack, today is Mum's birthday. She will be home in three hours and I don't have anything to give her.
I'm in the middle of making her earrings, but they can't be her birthday gift as they arn't finished, and I don't have the stuff I need to finish it.
I can't make her anything out of resin because it won't harden in time.
I have heaps of paper, so I definatly will be making her a really cool card.
Maybe I should just bake a cake?
Though I really should be doing that anyway.
There is alot of polyclay lying about, I could make something out of that. But what?
could try some bookbinding or something, and make her a wee notebook?
Yeh, I think I'll do that.
And make her a wee brooch too.
Book, brooch, card.

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