Thursday, July 31, 2008

FREE!!! stuff.

One cold and rainy yesterday, I was sitting home bored and lonesome. There was nothing good on TV, I couldn't get the dvd or video working, so I decided to do what I always do when I'm bored, make crap with resin.
I couldn't be bothered with the molds, but I had a buttload of bottlecaps (Thanks Andy!!) to use up. I grab my box of paper, but was feeling totally uninspired, and kind of just sat in front of the fire glumly, surrounded with paper, bottlecaps and glue.
My brothers came home from school early, as both of their schools were flooding. At Emmett's school there was actually a chest deep puddle kids were swimming in. Gross, but whatever does it for them I guess.
Anyway, I go into my room to grab some money from Barrett, and sitting on my desk was a brochure from Alice in Videoland. I had grabbed it ages ago, 'cause I liked the imagery on it, but never got round to doing anything with it, finally, it's day had arrived!
I head back inside with a huge grin on my face, and start cutting out pictures and gluing them in bottlecaps. Spraypainted the caps gold and filled them up with resin.
I didn't want to keep them, but I wasn't sure what to do with them. Sooo, I have decided to put them on here, and have a wee competition, to give them away! Yay.

PICTURE!!! (kinda bad quality? Click on it to see it bigsized!)

Anyway, if you like them and wish for them to be yours, all you need to do is email me at with 'Alice in Resinland' as the title, and your name and location as the message by friday august 8th in you are in with a chance to win! I will randomly pick two winners on the saturday (both will get 4 each) and announce it here, and contact you both. Anyone anywhere can enter!
Good luck!

Oh also, keep an eye on this blog, I'll be giving away stuff every month or so!


Sunday, July 27, 2008


I hate the days when I start crying for absolutly no reason. Now, almost everyone that knows me will know that I am a very sensitive, emotional person and it doesn't take much to make me cry. But more and more often I am getting this terribly heavy feeling and then I can't stop crying. Like now, nothing is upsetting me, noone has hurt me but still I am crying, and I don't know how to stop it, because I don't know why it started.

Sometimes I think if I had a boyfriend, or a job or whatever I wouldn't feel like this, that I'd be happy. But seriously? I know being with someone wouldn't make me feel better, I know that from damn experience. And working? Well, I tried that and I would spend my breaks in the toilets crying. I didn't have a bad job, my work was easy, my workmates amazing, it just still upset me.

I used to think that there was some secret to happiness out there. But now, I'm not so sure. So I am retreating deeper and deeper into some fucked up fantasy world. And I mean, that just depresses me even more when I pull myself back to reality and realise how unhappy I am with myself and everything around me. So I go back to my imagination to block everything out. It's a disgusting cycle that I can't seem to break. More and more often I am finding it hard to tell the difference between what is real and what is in my head, and that fuckin' scares me.

I don't know what I am writing anymore, I don't know what I am trying to say. I don't even know who the fuck I am anymore.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yet more resin.

I actually made these over a week or so ago, but have been away and havn't had time to post them. A brooch of my sister for my sister ( close up futher down), The two long ones didn't work out as well as I had hoped - they were the most amazing pictures but cutting them down to size cut out some of the awesomeness so I got kind of careless with them so they have big air bubbles. I love the heart, something about bodybits really gets me going! Sprinkle heart - again! I don't like this brand of sprinkles in resin though so I don't plan on using them again. Another mermaid, I am real happy with this one. And a jester dude, which I think is pretty cool, except I cut the picture a bit small so there is a clear border around it.

The brain and heart.
Brain was made a while ago, but I wanted to photograph the two together, I reallyreally love them.

I made this one for my sister. I was reading through an old Tearaway magazine and there was a few pages of photos from Camp A Low Hum, and my sister was in one of them dressed for the zombie movie/party so I decided to make her a brooch of it. I don't know if she would ever use it, but oh well what the hell. I quite like it!

Thanks for looking!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Necklace for Jayde

Finished making this yesterday. Or maybe the day before haha I don't know!
I don't have a proper drill bit the right size to drill the hole, sooo I had to use a nail, which was kind of annoying as it leaves all the dusty stuff in it, but you can't really see it, which is good.
I cut an eyepin down to size and glue it in the hole, attached a jumpring (I only had 10mm ones, I wish it was smaller, maybe 6mm but it still looks fine?) and then put on the chain.
I used a heart toggle clasp to do it up, which I think added quite a nice touch.
I really hope Jayde enjoys it!!

Just a little bit liberating

Fuckin' hell it feels gooood.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oh look! More resin!

Been doing a lot more resin stuff, it's seriously quite addicting. Haha.Anyway, after deciding if I put my pieces in a box by the fire to dry they cure in about a day, as opposed to the week they would take in the garage I have been much happier with what I make, and a lot less tempted to touch them and leave yucky finger prints!I think my favourite of these would be the mermaid (topless lady, can't really see her tail) and the dog.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

I feel bad. =(

There is this guy, I have NO clue who he is. he added me on myspace and started talking to me on there. I kind of stopped replying to his messages, I mean what can I say to someone I don't know who writes two sentence long messages that arn't even spelt right?!
But that's not all. Oh no, after that he added me on bebo and started commenting/messaging me on there. The same ridiculous two sentence messages. He put me on his top friends. He commented a friends picture of me. What the hell?
He was commenting me today, I replied for a bit, and then ran out of things to say to him. Two hours later he asks me what I am doing tonight. Does he not get the hint that I don't want to talk to him?
So I may have been a bit rude to him. I called him creepy.
And I feel really bad. He's new to the country, he doesn't know many people and when he tries being friendly to a girl she calls him creepy? I couldn't help it. I just don't really want to know him. I still feel really mean though. Like, what if it were the other way around?
What if there was someone I hardly know but was somewhat drawn to? Someone I wanted to be friends with? How would I feel if they said the things to me I said to him? I'd feel really shite, to be honest.

And the thing is, there is someone I think may feel that way about me. Someone I find very interesting, and as shallow as this is, very goodlooking. So I talk to him, I start up conversations and all the rest. He is friendly and he replies but what if, what if, he is just too polite to tell me to piss off?
I think I would rather he told me he wasn't interesting in being my friend and would like me to leave him be. (so if you ever read this, and know who you are, please tell me! Or let me know that you are interested in knowing me.)

So, I am glad I told this fellow to piss off.
And it took writing this blog to figure that out.
I still feel mean though, I hope I didn't hurt his feelings.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

resin, magnets, sushi and a card

So, I poured a few more resin pieces today. I got a brand new mold yesterday, but since the weather was totally balls I had to wait until today. Filled the molds 3/4 of the way, once they have cured I will be putting pictures on top, and filling them with resin. Attach a jumpring and I've got some awesome pendants.
So usual I mixed up far more resin than I needed, so as usual I had a hunt around the house to see what I could use. Filled a few of the molds with sprinkles. Of course. Filled two jar lids with sprinkes, and added barbie shoes to one. The shoes came up higher than the edge of the lid, so I'm going to have to sort that out somehow.

I glued magnets to two of the jar lid resin pieces I posted yesterday (the third is getting a pinback and is being mailed off to James tomorrowish). I then realised how many of those ugly magnet card things businesses give out. I searched through my Big Box of Paper and cut out pictures and words, collaging them onto the magnets. The last two were made by my younger brother. It's such a quick and easy thing to do, but I think it looks quite effective, if you've got old magnets lying about you should give it a go!

I also made up some sushi today.
Well, I had cooked the rice, cut up all the vegetables and stuff and then realised I only had two pieces of seaweed. Found these wee rice sheet things (you soak them in water and then wrap stuff in them, I think they are used for springrolls or something) so I used them for the rest of the rice/veges. Quite nice. There are still a few left so I guess that will be my dinner.

And last night I made a quick wee card to send along with James' resin. I think it's kinda cute in a scary, doesn't make any sense kind of way. I like it, and I hope he enjoys it too.

That's it from me today,


A few resin pieces.

So, at the moment I am absolutly in love with resin. After seeing many amazing pieces on I decided to have a go at making my own. Resin is a rather temperamental medium to work with, so after a few failures and a lot of trial and error I think I have finally got the hang of it.
Here are a few pieces I have made recently that I thought I would share, enjoy!

The first one is a necklace I made for my Mum. First thing I needed was a mold, so I went and bought a small plastic storage container from the $2 shop. It was made of very stiff plastic which made removing the cured resin quite hard. I cut out a picture from an old childrens book, and then cut out some text from the story to glue on the back. I covered both sides with PVA glue before putting in the mold and covering with resin. I didn't glue the sides, which is why the edges are darker, the resin had got in! Wrestled it out of the mold and sanded the edges down and shining the surface. Got my dad to drill the holes (never again, he is far too blind!) before putting it on the chain. Mum has been getting a lot of comments on it. =)

The next two are sprinkle hearts. I think everything that uses resin will start off putting sprinkles in a heart shaped mold. I made 5 of these but I wasn't happy with the other three, there were gaps in the sprinkles and bubbles. But I like these two and will be using them as necklaces.

The last three were really simple. I got jam jar lids, (well, technically Rose's Ginger Marmelade - try it sometime, it's really nice!) Cut out images from kids books again, I used a girl reading a book on butterflies, a boy giving a sunflower to his teacher and a girl blowing bubbles. I glued them down to the lids, again coating the images with layers of PVA. I think I will be gluing magnets or pinbacks to these. Unless someone wants a seriously huge pendant, hahaha. I'm not 100% happy with the girl blowing bubbles, but I really like the sunflower one.

Thanks for looking!


A blog?

I have always wanted an online blog, and have been meaning forever to actually start one.

A place where I can share my crafts, my recipes and even just my feelings with the internet. I don't know if anyone will ever read this. If anyone is even interested in my life enough to read it!
Oh, well, we shall soon see I guess.