Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yet more resin.

I actually made these over a week or so ago, but have been away and havn't had time to post them. A brooch of my sister for my sister ( close up futher down), The two long ones didn't work out as well as I had hoped - they were the most amazing pictures but cutting them down to size cut out some of the awesomeness so I got kind of careless with them so they have big air bubbles. I love the heart, something about bodybits really gets me going! Sprinkle heart - again! I don't like this brand of sprinkles in resin though so I don't plan on using them again. Another mermaid, I am real happy with this one. And a jester dude, which I think is pretty cool, except I cut the picture a bit small so there is a clear border around it.

The brain and heart.
Brain was made a while ago, but I wanted to photograph the two together, I reallyreally love them.

I made this one for my sister. I was reading through an old Tearaway magazine and there was a few pages of photos from Camp A Low Hum, and my sister was in one of them dressed for the zombie movie/party so I decided to make her a brooch of it. I don't know if she would ever use it, but oh well what the hell. I quite like it!

Thanks for looking!


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