Sunday, July 6, 2008

I feel bad. =(

There is this guy, I have NO clue who he is. he added me on myspace and started talking to me on there. I kind of stopped replying to his messages, I mean what can I say to someone I don't know who writes two sentence long messages that arn't even spelt right?!
But that's not all. Oh no, after that he added me on bebo and started commenting/messaging me on there. The same ridiculous two sentence messages. He put me on his top friends. He commented a friends picture of me. What the hell?
He was commenting me today, I replied for a bit, and then ran out of things to say to him. Two hours later he asks me what I am doing tonight. Does he not get the hint that I don't want to talk to him?
So I may have been a bit rude to him. I called him creepy.
And I feel really bad. He's new to the country, he doesn't know many people and when he tries being friendly to a girl she calls him creepy? I couldn't help it. I just don't really want to know him. I still feel really mean though. Like, what if it were the other way around?
What if there was someone I hardly know but was somewhat drawn to? Someone I wanted to be friends with? How would I feel if they said the things to me I said to him? I'd feel really shite, to be honest.

And the thing is, there is someone I think may feel that way about me. Someone I find very interesting, and as shallow as this is, very goodlooking. So I talk to him, I start up conversations and all the rest. He is friendly and he replies but what if, what if, he is just too polite to tell me to piss off?
I think I would rather he told me he wasn't interesting in being my friend and would like me to leave him be. (so if you ever read this, and know who you are, please tell me! Or let me know that you are interested in knowing me.)

So, I am glad I told this fellow to piss off.
And it took writing this blog to figure that out.
I still feel mean though, I hope I didn't hurt his feelings.


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