Saturday, July 5, 2008

resin, magnets, sushi and a card

So, I poured a few more resin pieces today. I got a brand new mold yesterday, but since the weather was totally balls I had to wait until today. Filled the molds 3/4 of the way, once they have cured I will be putting pictures on top, and filling them with resin. Attach a jumpring and I've got some awesome pendants.
So usual I mixed up far more resin than I needed, so as usual I had a hunt around the house to see what I could use. Filled a few of the molds with sprinkles. Of course. Filled two jar lids with sprinkes, and added barbie shoes to one. The shoes came up higher than the edge of the lid, so I'm going to have to sort that out somehow.

I glued magnets to two of the jar lid resin pieces I posted yesterday (the third is getting a pinback and is being mailed off to James tomorrowish). I then realised how many of those ugly magnet card things businesses give out. I searched through my Big Box of Paper and cut out pictures and words, collaging them onto the magnets. The last two were made by my younger brother. It's such a quick and easy thing to do, but I think it looks quite effective, if you've got old magnets lying about you should give it a go!

I also made up some sushi today.
Well, I had cooked the rice, cut up all the vegetables and stuff and then realised I only had two pieces of seaweed. Found these wee rice sheet things (you soak them in water and then wrap stuff in them, I think they are used for springrolls or something) so I used them for the rest of the rice/veges. Quite nice. There are still a few left so I guess that will be my dinner.

And last night I made a quick wee card to send along with James' resin. I think it's kinda cute in a scary, doesn't make any sense kind of way. I like it, and I hope he enjoys it too.

That's it from me today,


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